DJ Shimza Weighs In On The Current State Of SA Hip Hop

DJ Shimza Weighs In On The Current State Of SA Hip Hop. The debate on the current state of SA hip hop has been spiraling up with everyone pinpointing their thoughts on whether hip hop is dead or not. Most prominent artists who are outside of hip hop have shared their concerns in regards to the genre especially with other rappers jumping into the Amapiano bandwagon.

DJ Shimza Weighs In On The Current State Of SA Hip Hop

DJ Shimza is amongst the other musicians who have shared their thoughts on the current state of rap in SA highlighting that the ‘game is dead.’ The celebrated DJ revealed this during a conversation with a hip hop DJ and radio presenter Ms Cosmo.

Shimza clearly indicated that the hip-hop genre in South Africa is dead since there are now only two hip-hop musicians that are performing well in the genre. The prominent DJ mentioned that AKA and Blxckie are the only rappers that can only be booked right now.

‘If I was to have a one man show tomorrow I would book an AKA, I would book a Blxckie and, who else?” Shimza’s failure to come up with the third rapper on his list was a clear justification that he really feels that SA hip hop is not in the right state.

Now that we are in the New Year, its only a matter of time to see whether SA hip hop will regain its throne on being the best music genre in South AH. As it stands, it looks like hip hop is going towards greater strides as the first hip hop album is already out just early in January. Not only that, various rappers have hinted on dropping hip hop projects this year, with the likes of Cassper, MajorSteez, PdotO amongst others.

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