Here’s How Much NOTA Is Offering Cassper To A 3 Rounds Rap Battle

Here’s How Much NOTA Is Offering Cassper To A 3 Rounds Rap Battle. Cassper Nyovest has always wanted to settle his beef with people in the entertainment via a boxing match. The rapper has challenged quite a number of Mzansi celebs to fight him in boxing match, unfortunately none of them have managed to show up. Only the talky YouTuber Slik Talk has managed to show up for a boxing match with Cassper.

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Here’s How Much NOTA Is Offering Cassper To A 3 Rounds Rap Battle

It looks like a wave of controversy is following Cassper Nyovest. Only recently the rapper has been having a good time in Capetown and all of a sudden he is caught up in another hefty debacle with music mogul NOTA Baloyi. This time around Cassper will not have to settle this one in a boxing ring, rather NOTA has offered another option. Taking to Twitter NOTA dared Cassper to a rap battle. He tweeted: “I’ll leave it a that. Name a time & place. 3 rounds heck I’ll even put 250k on offer. Winner takes all!

Cassper Nyovest called Nota Baloyi to a boxing bout earlier this week after the latter took a swipe at him again in a Twitter rage. As expected the notorious Baloyi rejected the offer and opted to battle Cassper in an academic manner to show off his genius mind. “Imagine risking my beautiful mind by boxing… I box you intellectually, to prove your ineptitude!”. Tweeted NOTA.

The podcaster also bragged about his intelligence adding that he paid his own school fees using his brilliant mind and he didn’t need any help from his parents.  “I paid my own school fees with my brains… All my parents had to do was provide transport. I can’t relate to you 30% pass rate fools!” NOTA tweeted.

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