K.O Hints On The Release Of Skhanda Republic 3

K.O Hints On The Release Of Skhanda Republic 3. The music element and the success of Skandha Republic 2 will always be donned to K.O and the producers he worked with on the album. The rapper had a few features on his body of work with Shekhinah, Runtown and Black Coffee being the only artists with whom he collaborated.

K.O Hints On The Release Of Skhanda Republic 3

The Skanda Republic 2 is now long gone, and K.O’s fans are now yearning for something fresh from the rapper. The rapper has promised to release an album last year, but his plans did not come to fruition due to lockdown restrictions. Taking to Twitter K.O has shared a hint for the release of Skanda Republic 3, but the rapper did not reveal the exact date when this project will be made available to the SA hip hop fanatics. “Skhanda Republic part 3 SR3 2022,” wrote K.O

As it stands, it looks like K.O has a lot planned out for his fans this year alone. The Skanda Love hitmaker also revealed that he is going to fulfil all the promises he made in the past concerning the release of a new music project. In a Twitter thread, the rapper explained the causes that led to the delay of his album and he promised to fulfil everything this year. “Delayed the album cos of covid, can’t put it out if I can’t tour it. Watch what we do this year,” tweeted K.O.

This will all goes down to tell if this is the year for SA hip hop to flourish. With the likes of K.O and Emtee promising hip hop projects, will this year be the year for SA hip hop to take back the throne in the music space? It will all depend on how the listeners are going to embrace the music thereafter.

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