NOTA Details His Role In Assisting Makwa To Quit Lean

NOTA Details His Role In Assisting Makwa To Quit Lean. Prominent producer Makwa came out and shared his experience with drug abuse and how it tremendously affected his physical and mental health. The rapper shared via a Twitter post how difficult it is to quit lean and urged his fans to to avoid the recreational drug mixture.

NOTA Details His Role In Assisting Makwa To Quit Lean

Quitting Lean ain’t child’s play but I’m glad I’m off it and I eat a lot now.” Tweeted Makwa. From the new information that has emerged, it looks like Makwa was not fighting this struggle alone. The producer had assistance from other peers in the hip hop game and NOTA was amongst those people.

Sharing on his Twitter TL, the prominent music mogul NOTA details how he assisted Producer Makwa to get off abusing drugs. NOTA also mentioned the criticism he got for helping Makwa, but he highlighted that the multi-platinum producer thanked him later for all his efforts.

“When I went to Makwa’s house to spill the anti-depressants that he got on the black market. The codeine & Fanta grape. I got rid of all the drug that were stopping him from thinking straight & being a danger to himself. Everybody said I was wrong but Makwa thanked me. No regrets.” Tweeted NOTA.

Questions were raised about Makwa’s mental health in August of last year following a string of concerning Facebook statuses. the famous producer wrote. “If I die don’t feel sad or cry just now that I tried to be the best man, father and friend I can be.”

The talented Producer also apologized to the people he cares about for disappointing them. “And to those who used me, I wish y’all nothing but the best things in life.” 

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