Reason Opens Up On How The Name “Sizwe Alakine” Has Changed His Life

Reason Opens Up On How The Name “Sizwe Alakine” Has Changed His Life. His transition from Hip hop to Amapiano led to a never-ending discussion on the future of the artist and hip hop as a whole. After rebranding with a new look to be an Amapinao artist, Reason has been driving the Amapiano genre in full force. Sizwe Alakine has managed to bag an Amapiano collaboration with the acclaimed DJ Maphorisa on his first Piano song Khanda Shisa a track that has made waves in South Ah.

Reason Opens Up On How The Name “Sizwe Alakine” Has Changed His Life

The former rapper is proving to have made the best decision in his music career to join the Amapiano genre. Reason has revealed how the Yanos has changed his life. Taking to social media the Khanda Shisa hitmaker has also opened up on how he has never topped the trends on YouTube after his song ‘Ujola Nobani’ featuring Young Stunna made it to 32K views in two days.

I’ve never made it to the trends list on @youtube. Being Sizwe Alakine has changed my life for the better. Shout out to the team beside me and all the fans behind me! Maybe then I’ll just drop the song when we get to 200k views. Enjoy #UjolaNobani He wrote.

Reason has been amongst the hip hop artists that were heavily criticised for jumping into the Amapiano bandwagon. His response to the criticism was a clear indication that he was ready to go all the way and flex his pen game in the Yanos to push the South African sound to the world. What’s wrong with hip hop artists making Piano though? It’s our sound. Why glorify the idea of us pushing an American sound when we can jump on our own too? We still love hip hop. But the country loves piano (more). Tweeted Reason.

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