Sjava Speaks On How People React To His Music

Sjava Speaks On How People React To His Music. Sjava is one of the few SA rappers who brags too much on how much they have achieved in the rap game. The rapper is mostly popular for praising other hip hop artists, and he is more like a hip hop fan pushing others to do well. Not only that Sjava has created good relations with other artists, the rapper has a good relationship with his fanbase as well.

Sjava Speaks On How People React To His Music

There might be no secret sauce for people to like your music, but for a rapper like Sjava it proving to be otherwise. The rapper shared on Twitter on how people enjoy his music the most. “My bars always go over peoples heads.” Tweeted Sjava. The rapper has always been contributing much to the SA hip hop game, the rapper once shared during an interview shared on Slikouronlife that his plan is to keep on making good music and it looks like the Umama hitmaker is living up to his pledge.

His Deluxe EP, ‘Umsebenzi’ garnered a positive reaction upon it release after it went gold. The rapper shared on Twitter that ‘Ushevu‘ was the most streamed song on the project. “Ushevu is the most streamed song on the Deluxe Music is something else full of surprises that’s why it’s very important to let the people decide wena mnikazi wengoma don’t get too attached to songs LET IT GO.” Sjava said.

Sjava has a unique ability to captivate audiences, earning him a legion of devoted admirers who have stuck with him through thick and thin.

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