Sol Phenduka Reveals How He Feel About Sjava’s Music

Sol Phenduka Reveals How He Feel About Sjava’s Music. It’s uncommon for plaudits to be handed about among MCs in the rap game, but Sjava repeatedly demonstrates that there’s no need for unnecessary strife. The Umama hitmaker has been showering praises to many artists in SA hip hop but only a few have come out to give back the same sentiment towards his music.

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Sol Phenduka Reveals How He Feel About Sjava’s Music

Radio Personality Sol Phenduka has become one of the people who have come out to share their sentiments towards Sjava’s music. In a Twitter post, Sol revealed that Sjava is amongst the rappers in SA who are not getting enough credit towards his work. Sol also explained that the rapper’s music has managed to touch many souls including his and for that reason Sjava deserves to be recognized as one of the best in the game.

Sjava doesn’t get his flowers . Give the man his flowers. Bestowe upon him the Order of Maphungubwe . A healer . Saved many souls . Mine included,” said Sol.

Sol’s sentiment towards Sjava‘s music does not come as a surprise since the rapper himself has mentioned how many people feel towards his music.  “My bars always go over peoples heads.” Tweeted Sjava.

Sjava has been dominant in the rap game and there is no doubt that his catalogue carries so much weight. In 2016, he released his debut album, Isina Muva. With just a few exceptions, the album was heavily influenced by trap music. Sjava’s vocal style is influenced by South African idioms including mbhaqanga, maskandi, and iscathamiya, which he grew up listening to, as well as kwaito and hip-hop.

The rapper’s lyrical prowess accompanied by his soul soothing music has made him to garner a wide follower in the game. The rappers conveys realistic black stories about love, survival, achievement, and family dynamics, among other things, via his lyrics.

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