Time To Catch Up On SA Hip Hop New Releases Of The Week

Time To Catch Up On SA Hip Hop New Releases Of The Week. With additional uncertainty on the SA hip hop is dead debate, one thing is certain: a strong release plan. 2022 is already shaping up to be a huge year for most SA rappers in South Ah. The Yanos might be the trend right now, but the atmosphere in the hip hop scenes is gathering momentum to dominate the music space in Mzansi this year.

Time To Catch Up On SA Hip Hop New Releases Of The Week

Most rappers are already showing their commitment to elevate SA hip hop to the top and ever since the start of the year new music have been dropping in full throttle. Now getting into another weekend, let’s share with you some of the new hip hop tracks that have been making waves this week.

AB Crazy has released a new song titled “Hurricane,” which features piano sensation Sizwe Alakine. Reason has undoubtedly adjusted into his new character of Sizwe Alakine. He’s still going strong this year, with this gorgeous appearance on AB Crazy’s latest release. AB Crazy announced the release of the single urging the fans to enjoy it. “Good morning fam. My new single is out. #hurricane ft @ReasonHD . Enjoy !!! Cc @lebzino26,” he wrote.

Rashid and Duncan, who have been working together for a long time, are back with Klaimar 2.0, their eagerly awaited 2022 single. As if that was not enough, SkhandaWorld came through this week with JustBheki official music video for his single. SkhandaWorld announced on social media that the singer has released his debut music video for his song “Mzala.” “@Just_Bheki has finally dropped his first official music video! Show him some love on YouTube #MZALA.”

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