Big Xhosa Clears The Air On His Misunderstanding With NOTA

Big Xhosa Clears The Air On His Misunderstanding With NOTA. Big Xhosa and NOTA have been in an altercation after the music executive expressed his disappointment in the rapper for his “American rap style” when he released a doctored Sway In The Morning freestyle video.

Big Xhosa Clears The Air On His Misunderstanding With NOTA

NOTA’s viewpoints are not new in hip-hop cultural arguments, and musicians that sound like Big Xhosa in the video have been accused of plagiarizing American rap culture.

During his Instagram Q & A, the rapper was asked if he finally ironed out his issues with NOTA. Big Xhosa made it known that he and NOTA had no issues but they couldn’t agree on certain things concerning the Amasende muso’s music career.

I never had any issues with NOTA its just that the vision that he had for me is not the vision that I had for me, and the most important person I listen to is myself because I trust myself,” he said.

The rapper’s joy was short-lived after NOTA told him to drop SOS and focus on Big Xhosa after his Sway rap video went viral. Big Xhosa was not pleased with NOTA‘s tweet and he told him where to get off.

“Nota, you think you know everything and what you don’t like is that you can’t control me. U got my number, but choose to say this bull**t publicly tells me you don’t even give a f**k about me, but yourself and self-praise, I’m gonna prove you wrong. Highly disappointed in you.” Tweeted Big Xhosa.

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