The Big Hash Speaks On What He Likes About SA Rappers

The Big Hash Speaks On What He Likes About SA Rappers. The Big Hash has been relatively quiet on social media recently. The rapper stated that he will be active on social media once the album he is currently working on is completed.

The Big Hash Drops Feature List And Track List For His Upcoming EP 'Aries'

The rapper may have recently decided to have a look over his social media timeline as he highlighted what he likes about his fellow rappers. The SOMETIMES chanter complimented SA rappers on Twitter for having the confidence to call themselves the finest.

The Big Hash also urged all South African hip hop artists to feel that they are the finest at what they do, or else everything will be for nothing.

I love it when rappers say what they wanna say with they chests out. Confidence is self-value when you create. ALL ARTISTS should believe they’re the best at what they do or the whole thing is absolutely pointless.” Tweeted The Big Hash.

A-Reece is the latest rapper who came out and claimed that he is the best rapper in Africa. “I’M THE BEST RAPPER IN AFRICA,” tweeted A-Reece. His claims stirred outrage on social media, but could that be the confidence that The Big Hash is referring to?

The Big Hash has tremendously become one of the most recognised rappers in SA hip hop. Despite being working on his new album, the rapper has always found ways to feed his fans with new sounds. The rapper dropped a double-entry titled “Solid” and “22” and they came with some impressive performances on music videos. It’s just a matter of time before the rapper drops his next project which his fanbase is largely waiting for.

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