Cassper Speaks On His Promise To Buy Lekau Sehoana A Rolls Royce

Cassper Speaks On His Promise To Buy Lekau Sehoana A Rolls Royce. Cassper has been known of living a luxurious life just like any other rapper in SA. The Tito Mboweni chanter has gained a reputation for driving expensive luxurious cars. The rapper recently made headlines after he bought an R5 Million Mclaren whip.

Cassper Speaks On His Promise To Buy Lekau Sehoana A Rolls Royce

The rapper has managed to gain various sources of investments outside of making music only. Cassper has managed to partner with the Drip Sneaker founder Lekau Sehoana and that has given birth to the making of his Root Of Fame sneakers.

Taking to Twitter, Lekau has expressed that the two are good friends and business partners as well. This came after the Drip owner revealed that Cassper promised to buy him a Rolls Royce next since he is bored of lending him his Mclaren.” I just got a Text from @casspernyovest , he says he will buy me a Rolls Royce Cullinan next year. He’s tired of Lending me his Maclaren.” Tweeted Lekau.

Although the chat was confidential, Cassper was surprised that the Drip CEO made his commitment public on social media. The rapper went on and refused the claims made by Lekau that he is tired of lending him his Mclaren whip.

Dawg… This was a private conversation, these people are definitely going to be on my ass next year if this doesn’t happens so thanx for the extra pressure.. I also didn’t say I’m tired of lending you anything..” Wrote Cassper Nyovest.

For Cassper Nyovest buying luxurious things for the people in his life seems not to be a problem. This year the rapper bought his manager a brand new Rolex Watch in celebration of his birthday. Got my manager a Rolex for his birthday yesterday. Whole Team Shinning!!! When I eat, we all eat!!!!” He wrote.

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