Sarkodie Reveals His Favourite Collaboration Between AKA & Cassper

Sarkodie Reveals His Favourite Collaboration Between AKA & Cassper. The never-ending feud between Cassper and AKA will always remain a sensitive issue not only to the SA hip-hop fans and rappers but to other artists beyond Mzansi.

Sarkodie Reveals His Favourite Collaboration Between AKA & Cassper

The Ghanaian rapper was cornered by MacG during the “One Must Go” part of the Podcast And Chill interview. This came after he was forced to choose between AKA and Cassper and since he has collaborated with both of them it posed to be a daunting task for the Coachella hitmaker.

“Guys, you are my guys, Cassper, AKA, but I cant let anyone go though,” he responded. Since it seemed hard for Sarkodie to choose between AKA and Cassper, the Podcast And Chill Co-host Sol Phenduka found an alternative for Sarkodie. Sol went on to ask the Ghanaian rapper which song must go between the songs he collaborated with the SA rappers, Special Someone and Married To The Game.

Which song must go, Married To The Game or Special Someone, which song is your favourite of those” two, asked Sol. Sarkodie made it clear that since these are two different songs, he will choose the hip-hop song he did with Cassper which is Married To The Game.

“These are two different genres but I stand for hip hop so I’m gonna go for Married To The Game,” said Sarkodie. One was left wishing for another song featuring Sarkodie and Cassper Nyovest because of the soulful connection they shared in Married To The Game.

Given that it brings together prominent singers from West and Southern Africa, this song might very easily be referred to as an international gathering of champions. This is because both rappers have been dominant in their countries. Both rappers have demonstrated a strong commitment to music and have released excellent hip-hop songs.

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