Da L.E.S Reveals Why He’d Choose To Work With Nasty C Over AKA And Cassper

Over the years, rapper Da L.E.S has worked with several South Ah Hip Hop artists and he is yet to work with some. While he may have not worked with everyone in the game, Da L.E.S sure knows what SA Hip Hop artists bring to the table when it comes to creating hits in the studio. During the sizzling episode of Drink Or Tell The Truth, Da L.E.S shed light on why he would work with Nasty C rather than AKA and Cassper Nyovest.

Lasizwe put Da L.E.S on the hot seat when he asked Da L.E.S, “From the people, I am about to mention, who is your least favourite to work with? Cassper, Nasty C or AKA?” Nasty C, AKA and Cassper Nyovest are among the best in the South Ah Hip Hop game each artist’s catalogue consists of tracks that have gone on to top the charts and also break records. Each artist is known to be able to bring the heat to whatever music they are working on. These three artists have not yet worked together but they have each worked on numerous collaborations with different South Ah artists.

Da L.E.S initially placed AKA and Cassper at number 2 but Lasizwe explained that he has to place them at their own rankings. Da L.E.S then ranked Cassper at number 3, AKA at 2 and Nasty C at number 1 and explained his reasoning. “3, I’ve never worked with Cassper Nyovest before. Then 2 I’ve worked with AKA and like Nasty C and I, we have a similar taste in music. We love everything American like we love everything Hip Hop, whereas like AKA and Cassper they like to keep it very local,” revealed the rapper.

Da L.E.S and Nasty C previously worked together when they both featured on Tellaman’s track S.A.P (Strike A Pose) and even dropped visuals for the song. Da L.E.S has collaborated on several tracks together such as All Eyes On Me and Kontrol and Real Stuff. Da L.E.S during the episode also shed light on the state of his relationship with AKA after fans speculated that all is not well between the friends. Da L.E.S explained to Lasizwe that AKA and he are cool but he has decided to just focus his energy elsewhere and the door is open for AKA and him to make music someday again.

“I’m glad that you asked me this question because number 1 that was not a diss track for AKA, and that’s on Period! Number 2, don’t believe everything that people say and that’s on period and number 3 I love my family with all my heart, so um you know I just decided to choose a path of family, I got a new kid on the way. I just decided to just choose a different path in life, just as far as where my energy is concerned, where I’m going. We were just at the spot the other day and you know were conversating so there isn’t any beef like you don’t gotta, just because Mac G said something doesn’t mean it’s true. Gucci snakes is not about AKA, what the hell okay. Gucci snakes is literally about Gucci snakes, this is hip hop guys,” shared Da L.E.S.

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