5 Times NOTA Has Stirred Controversy On Social Media

5 Times NOTA Has Stirred Controversy On Social Media. NOTA has been making the headlines for the controversial comments he has made on certain individuals in the entertainment industry and mostly SA hip hop. The music executive has received numerous threats and legal challenges due to his vocal opinions on issues he believes in.

5 Times NOTA Has Stirred Controversy On Social Media

On that note, we are going to rewind back on some of the moments he has caused controversy on social media mostly on Twitter timelines.

NOTA and Nasty C

Nasty C has been one of the SA rappers who caught smoke from NOTA as he was criticized for his style of rap in his music. NOTA took a dig at the Durban rapper and called him “Drake wannabe” because Nasty C raps in English instead of vernacular.

Uncle Waffles did everything Nasty C wished he could’ve but he was too busy being a Drake wannabe instead of being original. She’s adapted well to the pressure & it seems her management team are determined to prove me wrong about them. I sincerely hope they do. Serious potential!” Tweeted NOTA.

NOTA and Cassper Nyovest 

NOTA has not been the biggest fan of Cassper Nyovest and he has made serious claims about Cassper’s lavish lifestyle. “At the end of the day Cassper is a type of a guy who rents a Rolls-Royce for a month just to show off with it, You know what I mean,” tweeted NOTA.

Since Cassper opt to settle his beef in the boxing ring, the rapper came through and offered NOTA R100K to face him in the boxing ring. To no surprise, Baloyi turned down the offer and opted for a rap battle. “Unlike Slik Talk. Nota doesn’t have the guts to step in the ring. He would never ever. He prefers tweeting. I would knock him out. Infact lemme put it like this. NOTA , ILL GIVE YOU 100 k to step in the ring with me. Then you’ll have 300k in your savings. Anytime, I am game!” Cassper Tweeted.

NOTA and Slikour 

Nota launched into a tirade, alleging Slikour had taken advantage of him by giving him a 1/4 Nando’s chicken rather than compensating him for handling his social media. The two worked together since 2009 until NOTA decided to go his way because of the alleged ill-treatment from Slikour.

NOTA and Black Coffee

NOTA threw shades at Black Coffee’s crippled hand after a video of the famed DJ claiming that he wouldn’t choose to work with Nota. The DJ claimed he would never entrust his brand to a man identifying as “The Authority.”

NOTA and Mihlali

NOTA was caught out of rail following his remarks on Mihlali Ndamase. NOTA slammed the beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase after she was accused of dating married men. Nota stated that she(Mihlali) is for sale and that anyone can kill her if they wanted to. Nota then compared Mihlali to a dog.

“Imagine… There are some guys who think that Mihlali is attractive and all I think is ningamuthenga (I could buy her). And they don’t understand that if Mihlali is for sale, that means she’s an object, which means that you can kill her if you want to… It’s like buying a dog.. You can put it down,” he said.

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