5 SA Rappers Who Have Ventured Into Podcasting

5 SA Rappers Who Have Ventured Into Podcasting. Podcasts have (informally) taken the place of the traditional radio listening we all grew up with. The popularity of online talk shows has skyrocketed in recent years and shows no signs of losing steam.

5 SA Rappers Who Have Ventured Into Podcasting

Podcast And Chill is the most followed Pod in South Ah and it has set the bar very high. Despite Podcast and Chill taking the spotlight, SA rappers have now ventured into the Podcast space and they are making use of their influence to get those high streaming numbers online. Can any of them reach the same level as the Podcast And Chill? Well, that is to be seen, in the interim let’s share with you some of the rappers who have become Podcast hosts.

Gigi Lamayne – Point Of View

Last week Gigi Lamayne shared the good news with her fans after she launched her new podcast. The first episode was released on Tuesday last week on her YouTube channel POVXGIGI. The rapper set tounges wagging after she hosted Onlyfans model Nomagugu Samke. “I am super excited,” Gigi says in the intro of her show. “Everybody has been hinting to me about how great it would be for me to start a podcast.”  

Chad Da Don – Perspective

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Not only has he gained a good reputation in SA hip hop, but Chad Da Don also ventured into podcasting. The rapper’s Podcast titled Perspective has been making trends on YouTube with the rapper hosting of his peers in the game as they discuss various issues in the music industry and their personal lives. Chad has hosted the likes of PdOto, Kevin Mdubeki and Dricus Du Plessis.

Zingah – Choppin’ It With Budha T

Zingah appears to be having the time of his life since he announced his retirement from music. Upon his retirement, the rapper took to Instagram and shared a clip of him jamming to Aliyah. “I enjoyed my 1st night of retirement. I spent it with people I love dearly and enjoyed myself.”

Despite retiring from making music, the rapper remains a content creator as he announced that he will be releasing a new podcast soon. The rapper is yet to announce more details about the podcast after he teased some of the content he will be sharing.

Rashid Kay – Masterclass Podcast

Rashid Kay is recognised as one of the veterans in the SA hip hop game. The rapper and Creative Director of the SA Hip hop Awards has been contributing massively to the hip-hop culture. The rapper shares all of his bright ideas during the Masterclass Podcast in order to impart more of his knowledge and what the culture is all about. Rashid Kay does not ride alone, but he is also accompanied by OG Samke as they discuss what’s under the skin in SA hip hop.

Slikour – SlikourOnLife

If you’re intimately acquainted with South Africa’s music industry, you’ve probably heard of the Skwatta Kamp group. Despite the fact that the seven-man group is no longer active, Slikour is one of the most well-liked participants of the celebrated ensemble.

The veteran rapper has ventured into content creation with a hip-hop news website and SlikourOnLife podcast. The podcast is well-recognised as it has hosted well-decorated SA rappers in the game, with some even promoting their music on the platform.

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