Priddy Ugly Reveals His Big Plans For The People Of Soweto

Priddy Ugly Reveals His Big Plans For The People Of Soweto. SA rappers are well known for flaunting their lavish lifestyles with expensive assets from fancy cars to mansions. All of this is part of the hip-hop culture, however, one thing for sure is that not all of them are after satisfying their ego with fancy lifestyles. There are also rappers who have dreams of giving back to the community and assisting the less privileged.

Priddy Ugly Reveals His Big Plans For The People Of Soweto

Priddy Ugly is one of the SA rappers who has bigger plans, not for himself or his lifestyle, but the rapper has revealed his dedication to giving back to the people of Soweto. The father of one carries a cult-like fanbase in Soweto and he has been advised by one of his followers on Twitter to build a mansion there. “Priddy Ugly just needs to build a mansion in Soweto because he always receives a lot of love from that side.” Read the tweet.

In response, the 30-year-old rapper revealed that he is going to build a school, not a house. “I’m going to build a school,” he wrote. Although Priddy didn’t give an explanation for his choice, the majority of his fans agreed with him because he had previously addressed it in his rap music when he said; “I’d probably build a school before I buy a Bentley.”

A week ago, Priddy Ugly released a single 30 Minutes To Soweto from his upcoming project. Since his ascent to fame, the rapper has not held back from releasing quality songs since he is acutely aware of what his listeners want. Despite getting negative feedback in the past towards his music, the Soil chanter has had many people reconsider their views when it comes to his pen game following the release of his new music last week.

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