SA Rappers Who Bought Cars Worth Millions In 2022

SA Rappers Who Bought Cars Worth Millions In 2022. Hip-hop artists are renowned for their quirky tastes and inexpensive things, particularly cars. SA rappers have for so many years known to be keeping up with the said culture by buying some expensive cars and 2022 has not been an exception.

SA Rappers Who Bought Cars Worth Millions In 2022

On that note, we are going to share with you some of your favourites or not-so-favourites who have bought cars worth millions in 2022.

K.O – R2.5 million Jaguar F-Type

K.O. has had a wonderful year, the one that he will remember for a long time. Not only is he enjoying the success of his single SETE, but the veteran rapper also spoiled himself with a vehicle worth millions of Rands. The hip-hop artist-turned businessman took to Instagram and shared a picture of himself posing next to his whip whilst at the dealership.

AKA – R2 million X7 M50i

AKA just expanded his expanding fleet of vehicles with a new vehicle. The rapper once again showed his love for BMW whips as he bought a R2 million X7 M50i. The mult-awards winning rapper took to social media and shared a video of him collecting his latest purchase.

Big Zulu – R1.2 million BMW M3

Big Zulu’s opulent lifestyle has made headlines. He is one of Mzansi’s flamboyant rappers; with his soft life. The rapper topped the trends this year after showing off his his dream car on social media. The rapper posted a photo of a fully covered vehicle at the dealership. In the caption, he stated that it was his dream car and invited his fans to guess what it was.

Nasty C –  R3 million  Mercedes AMG C63 Coupe

Nasty C flaunts his brand-new Mercedes Benz and makes family-planning suggestions. Mzansi was perplexed when popular rapper Nasty C uploaded a video of his new Mercedes Benz AMG line whip. “Benz have f*cking gift this man with a big body, some got to start a family now, someone got to start a family now.” He said.

Big Zulu – R2.8 million Range Rover Sport

This year Big Zulu has been spoiling himself with brand new whips and the Range Rover Sport was another additon to his packed garage. Soon after making the purchase, the singer posted on Instagram to inform his followers of the good news. He added the praying hands emoji as  caption to express his appreciation.

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