SA Rappers Honoured and Celebrated On Father’s Day

SA Rappers Honoured and Celebrated On Father’s Day. Father’s Day is often a time of reflection and celebration, a moment to honour the paternal figures who have shaped our lives. While we typically think of fathers within the context of family, it’s important to recognize that fatherhood transcends familial boundaries.

SA Rappers Honoured and Celebrated On Father’s Day

In South African hip-hop, there exists a cohort of artists who not only excel in their craft but also serve as father figures, mentors, and inspirations to their communities. As we commemorate Father’s Day, it’s fitting to acknowledge these rap luminaries who’ve earned praise not just for their lyrical prowess but also for their contributions as role models and pillars of support in their families.

Khuli Chana

SA Rappers Honored and Celebrated on Father’s Day is proud to be a father to his two children. He has spoken openly about not having a father himself and the challenges it presented. The rapper has made it a point to make sure he’s a present father to his children something he didn’t experience as a child. On Father’s Day, the rapper was celebrated and honoured by his wife Lamiez Holworthy for being an amazing dad and husband.


L-Tido has been open about his experiences as a father. He even participated in a reality show called “Rap Dads” which documented the lives of rappers trying to balance their music careers with fatherhood. This Father’s Day, the rapper was honoured by his son with a cute drawing as the young man celebrated his dad.

Priddy Ugly

Priddy Ugly unabashedly celebrates his role as a father to his lovely daughter Afrika. The rapper consistently praises the deep bond he shares with his daughter, while his wife, Bontle Modiselle, graciously acknowledges his unwavering presence as a dad, particularly during Afrika’s early years.


Kwesta wholeheartedly embraces his role as a father to his two daughters, Khai Asemahle Bulelwa Vilakazi and Kenya Elihle Vilakazi. He openly acknowledges the difficulty of juggling career demands with family responsibilities, which has earned him admiration from his wife, Yolanda, for his consistent presence and dedication as a father.

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