5 SA Rappers Who Crossed Over To International Market

5 SA Rappers Who Crossed Over To International Market. South Africa’s hip-hop scene has always pulsated with its distinct rhythm. But in recent years, a wave of local rappers has shattered borders, injecting their unique flavours and creative lyrical prowess into the international consciousness.

5 SA Rappers Who Crossed Over To International Market

Here are 5 SA rappers who’ve crossed over, proving that Mzansi’s rap creative and influence resonate far beyond the Vaal:

Nasty C

While not yet a household name in the US, Nasty C continues to to penetrate the US hip hop industry. The rapper has made quite an impression by featuring notable US rappers such as T.I. in the past. However, the rapper has worked with T.I’s son Domani. In a bid to set in stone his image in America, the Hell Naw hitmaker revealed his plans to work with up-and-coming rappers in the States. Recently, he announced that he will be leaving SA to go and stay in America for a while as part of his plans to make a mark in the USA Hip Hop market.


Another Durban’s finest rapper who has made quite a mark in the international market is Blxckie. The recent music tour in the USA alongside Dreamville rapper Bas has not only showcased his immense talent but also solidified his presence across the States. Somnyama’s remarkable journey through America has undoubtedly left a lasting impression, further elevating his status as a rising star in the global hip-hop community.


Despite already boasting a massive fanbase within South African hip-hop culture, A-Reece has been tirelessly pushing boundaries to ensure his impact extends far beyond the borders of South Africa and resonates throughout the wider African and global music scenes.

Last year, marking the 50-year milestone of Hip Hop’s vibrant legacy, A-Reece embarked on a memorable journey to New York. Amidst the bustling streets of the Big Apple, fate intertwined as Reece encountered the esteemed American rapper and producer, Hit Boy, within the illustrious ambiance of Nas’ Hennessy event. The meeting symbolized a significant stride forward towards collaborating with international rap luminaries, illuminating A-Reece’s path in the global music landscape.


For years, Cassper has reigned as one of South Africa’s heavyweight figures in hip-hop. A decade into his career, he continues to thrive, with his influence now extending far beyond the confines of South African hip-hop. The famed rapper enjoyed the laurels following the release of his album Solomon which was produced outside the country. Prior to that, Cassper dropped Pardon My Arrogance which was produced by UK producer K1ng.

Shane Eagle

Even though the aforementioned SA rappers have crossed over the international market through musical means, Shane Eagle has tapped into the international market by securing international brand deals. The rapper has penned deals with Nike, Pepsi, NBA, and the recent one with YSL fragrance.

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