Top 5 SA Hip Hop Songs Making Waves On Spotify Chart Right Now

Top 5 SA Hip Hop Songs Making Waves On Spotify Chart Right Now. With so many significant global events taking place, the world is still changing quickly, making it difficult to accurately conceptualize time. The release of SA Hip hop music that we can use as snapshots has been the one thing that has been constant and rappers have been all out dropping music keeping the competition tight.

Top 5 SA Hip Hop Songs Making Waves On Spotify Chart Right Now

Following the announcement of Spotify Wraps 2022, the majority of the statistics published did not surprise people, as the best songs naturally topped the charts. Without further ado, lets unpack the top 5 SA Hip Hop songs that are still making waves on the Spotify chart as we heard towards the end of the year.

Blxckie – Khuphuka

Blxckie has once again proved that he is not a one-hit-wonder artist as he came out on top in 2022. This year the music in SA Hip Hop has been beautiful and the artists have done an excellent job. With all the music that has been released Blxckie managed to come out on top and his track, Khuphuka has been topping the chart.

Nasty C – Stalling

Despite failing to deliver an album this year, it has emerged to be another Nasty C’s dominance. The rapper has made waves in the game with his Ivyson Army Mixtape which he collaborated with big-name fellow rappers. With all the music he has dropped, according to Spotify, Stalling has emerged to be the most-played song on the charts.

A-Reece – For My Sanity

A-Reece caught everyone by surprise this year following the release of Burning Tree EP. It was one of A-Reece’s stunts to gift his fans something to cheer about in form of good music. The Burning Tree came out with 9 songs, but For My Sanity has been the most embraced on the project as it occupies the number 3 spot on the most played songs on Spotify this year.


SETE has been the winning formula for K.O. this year. Even though the SR3 album has made an impact this year, SETE has proved to be the final piece of the jigsaw. The song has scooped prestigious awards and has broken significant records on music charts. For that reason, it’s not surprising that it made it in the top 5 of the most-played songs on Spotify.

AKA – Lemons (Lemonade)

Following his music hiatus, AKA’s comeback has been notable after the release of Lemons (Lemonade) featuring Nasty C. The rapper has promised to deliver an album next year, but the current achievement matters as he managed to complete the top 5 of the most played SA Hip Hop songs on the Spotify chart.

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