Five Revelations AKA Made About His Upcoming Album

Five Revelations AKA Made About His Upcoming Album. AKA has set the mood and the euphoria within his Megacy fanbase as they anticipate the release of the Mass Country album. The rapper has been keeping his fans updated on the progress made ahead of the release date and it seems like the Fela In Versace hitmaker has made some adjustments to his project release date.

Five Revelations AKA Made About His Upcoming Album

With that being said, we are going to share with you some of the revelations that Supa Mega has made about his album. Even though the rapper has not revealed everything about the project status, he has notified fans of certain prospective features that they may see.

A Collaboration With Emtee

With the fans being curious as always, AKA resorted to answering some of the questions that have been presented to him. One of them was whether Emtee will be another feature that his followers are likely to see on Mass Country. “Yoh Forbes wat abt the GOAT Mthembeni? Is he on the album?” Read the tweet. In response, AKA said that he will reach out to him and see if they work together as he deemed Emtee as one of the most talented in the game. “I think I need to reach out to him for sure. He’s super goated.” He responded.

Change Of The Album Release Date

AKA has announced many times on different media platforms that Mass Country will be dropping on the 27th of January. However, the rapper seems to have reconsidered the release date as he announced a new one. Fans get to learn of the new release date after one of his Twitter randomly asked when the body of the work will be dropping. “When is Mass Country dropping?” Read the tweet. Without stating a specific date, AKA responded that the album will be released by the end of February. “End of Feb,” he tweeted.

AKA On Featuring Nadia Nakai On Mass Country

AKA and Nadia Nakai have been enjoying each other’s company ever since they announced their romantic relationship. The rappers have however not spoken out much about working on music together and the fans are drooling for a collaboration from the power couple.

Taking to Twitter one of AKA’s followers asked him whether there is a Bonnie and Clyde reborn with him and Nadia on a song together. “Is there a ’23 Bonnie and Clyde with Nadia on the tracklist??” Read the tweet. In response, AKA stated that Nadia Nakai is on the album and they are on the same track together along with Blxckie. “Ha! Not quite … but she’s definitely on the album. There’s a song with me her and Blxckie … it’s.” Tweeted AKA.

AKA On Why He Is Delaying Album Release

Most of AKA’s fans were geared up for the album release come the end of January, but that’s no longer the case. The rapper has explained his stance and apologized to his fans and he made it clear that its all about producing good music at the end of the day.

This came after one of his followers asked him to drop the project in March claiming that February is not good for sales. “Nah, tbh it’s not about anything but making sure the album has a great roll out, sounds great and makes you guys happy … that’s honestly all that matters.”

AKA On Collaborating with A-Reece & Flvme

The long-awaited collaboration in SA hip hop might be on the verge of coming into fruition. AKA and A-Reece on the same song is what the game has been yelling for in years and this could be the moment. Taking to Twitter, the Supa Mega stated that he will get in touch with the A-Reece and Flvme.

When I get back I’m actually supposed to link up with Reece, we were working on something for my album. Flvme? We not finished yet … we have to link up again for sure. Im sure this is the year.

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