5 AKA’s Death Condolences That Came As A Suprise

5 AKA’s Death Condolences That Came As A Suprise. As contentious as they come, AKA’s rap career was plagued by a spate of contentious events. From his never-ending stouch with Cassper Nyovest to his online feud with Nigerian superstar Burna Boy, the Supa Mega never failed to spark unending conversations.

5 AKA’s Death Condolences That Came As A Suprise

Following the rapper’s brutal passing, fans and fellow celebrities flocked the social media timelines to pass their heartfelt condolences to the Forbes family. With all of the upheaval he has caused in the entertainment industry, the rapper’s family has gotten condolences from some of his foes. On that note, let’s share with you some of the condolences that came as a surprise from AKA’s detractors.


AKA and Cassper found themselves competing against one another for about every honour and radio chart show they were both nominated for from 2013 to 2015. Tensions between the two eventually resulted from their continual jostle.

The famed rappers repeatedly made a mockery of each other on social media and in their songs during the feud. The famed rappers regrettably missed their chance to put an end to the fight while they still had a chance since the animosity never appeared to go away.

Cassper expressed his sympathies on Twitter when Kiernan Forbes passed away, despite not getting along with the deceased rapper.

Burna Boy

In an effort to break into a new market, Burna Boy chose to temporarily migrate from his home in Nigeria to South Africa. During that time, he immediately became friends with AKA. The two were able to collaborate on the biggest hits “All Eyes on Me,” “Paid,” and “Baddest.”

Their friendship degenerated in 2019 when they had a heated social media battle over xenophobic violence in South Africa that saw numerous foreign nationals’ stores and properties ransacked and burnt. During the tension surrounding the killings, Burna referred to AKA as “retarded” and warned harm if they ever came face to face.

Burna Boy and the Supa Mega were clearly not in good books, but the Nigerian superstar managed to put that aside and released a tribute song for AKA. The song came as a surprise and at the same time, it received massive criticism because of its lyricism.


Reason aka Sizwe Alakine’s transition to the amapiano put him on the chopping block, and AKA was one of many who condemned his decision. The Supa Mega called Sizwe Alakine a sellout as mentioned in his Lemons Lemonade lyrics. “Thank God they showed their true colours/ Switched up piano like Vultures,” read the lyrics. The lyrics did not sit well with Reason who went on and called out AKA for also using an Afro beat on his single.

With all the squabble that came between the two rappers, Reason did not let that stop him from mourning his fellow rapper as he passed his condolences.


The heated beef between Cassper and AKA dragged was not only between them but dragged people who were close to the rappers as well. Boity is one of the people who was dragged into the feud when she was dating Cassper.

Ever since the awkward moment between AKA and Boity at the MAMAs in 2015, the two have not been on good terms. But with death comes tranquillity and Boity expressed her deepest condolences following AKA’s passing.


Nota is one of the SA rappers who expressed their hurt following the passing of AKA. Nota’s condolences came as a surprise since the two were not in good books as per AKA during one of the late rapper’s last interviews.

After his then-girlfriend Nellie Tembe died in 2021, AKA said that Nota paid him a visit in Cape Town to express his condolences. AKA stated that Nota exploited the information he gathered from engaging with AKA’s family to try to damage the rapper.

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