Top 20 AKA Quotable Verses

Top 20 AKA Quotable Verses. The eminent “Supa Mega” title AKA used highlighted how greatly he regarded himself. The rapper’s music catalogue gave a clearcut picture of who he was and how he confidently carried himself with supernatural conviction.

Top 20 AKA Quotable Verses

The Supa Mega was murdered in Durban but his music will live long hence we are going to share with you some of his quotable verses.

Daddy Issues

“My N* please don’t ever ever love a woman more than she loves you.”


“My daughter’s face is motivation.”

Sim Dope

“I pray to God that when I die he brings me back as Sim Dope”


“Don’t ever let the hater put you under pressure and every failure is a lesson.”

God’s Will

“Lord give me solid Gold. Give me endless knowledge and wisdom. Friends or foe, how do we go? Who knows the difference.”


“Any day this life can flash before your eyes.”


“Let me ball like the Ballon d’Or Forbes if you ever fall it’s a cannonball.”


Always thought this sh*t would last forever. Now we need a miracle to make it through December.” 

10 Fingers

“Live fast never die slow.”

Caiphus Song

“Way too busy winning, I’mma loose my self.”


“Wherever I’m at I know you miss me Stay close to the screen so you can kiss me.”

Victory Lap

“We the main attraction, they clap for us.”

Roll-Up (Re-up)

“I’m catching flights while niggaz catch emotions.”

Me & You

“I’m gon’ live forever like Coachella.”


“Haters take so many shots I need a bulletproof couple.”


“In mega we trust ,trust trust until the finish.”


“You got to buy me Prada, don’t buy me flowers.”

Lemons Lemonade

Peng ting a sight for sore eyes Dark days, friends were few, it’s alright Turned that pain to fuel and survived.”


“I’ll build you a masterpiece (Let’s go) This world not enough for me Kiss me on the cheek, say “mwah” for me.”

Roast Of AKA

“Imagine South Africa without AKA, what a boring place to live in.”

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