K.O Shares His Top 5 K.O Songs

K.O Shares His Top 5 K.O Songs. K.O has been one of the most consistent SA rappers ever since he gained his way to stardom. Not only has he managed to amass a huge fanbase through music, but his influence through fashion has made him one of the most respected SA rappers.

K.O Shares His Top 5 K.O Songs

Taking to Twitter, K.O engaged with his fans via a Twitter Q&A segment where he was ready to answer questions from his SA Hip-hop fans. Considering his immense music catalogue, it’s not surprising that one of his fans asked him to share his top 5 songs from his catalogue. “Gimme Your Top5 Songs By You,” read the tweet.

In response, K.O said that it was a tough question but he went on and shared his list. The rapper also added that he changes his list all the time. “Tough… son of a gun Flight school Askies I’m sorry Ghetto Episode SETE I change my mind about these all the time though,” tweeted K.O.

Even though the veteran rapper’s preference is impressive given the weight of the songs he mentioned, some of his fans disagreed because he left out some major hits. One of his fans went on and asked him why left out Supa Dupa, “Supa Dupa???” Read the tweet.

K.O responded by not ruling out Supa Dap as he indicated that it’s a song close to his heart. The Skhanda World boss made it clear that the track made him get back on his feet when he was at his lowest. “Supa dupa is really close to my heart cos it helped me get back on my shit after going through a lot,” K.O wrote.

The rapper has promised to deliver a new album this year following a good reception of SR3 along with SETE dominance. K.O is yet to announce the release date of his project, but he has made his fans to be on the lookout towards the fourth quarter of the year.

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