Nadia Nakai Answers 10 Questions To Learn More About Her

Nadia Nakai Answers 10 Questions To Learn More About Her. Nadia Nakai is one of the top-ranked female SA rappers who have been holding it down in the rap culture for years. Bragga has gained a cult-like following in SA hip hop through her music, but outside of her knowing her most of her fans would like to know more about the famed rapper.

Nadia Nakai Answers 10 Questions To Learn More About Her

Instead of knowing her through television shows and reading about her in the news, the rapper sat down with Previdar Magazine to answer some of the most pressing questions regarding her. Without further ado, here are some of the questions and answers that Nadia Nakai shared.

If you had to eat the same every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Definitely, Lasagna. Mince, cheese, cheese noodles, cheese, pasta, straight to my house.”

If your house is on fire, what three items do you save?

“1 my dog, could be the first thing I save. The second thing I’d save is, hopefully, my whole wig collection because it’s a lot, it’s about 70 pairs and then my phone.”

Every woman should own?

“A good lipstick, like an everyday lipstick. The one that works when you dont feel like beating your face, like a nudist colour.”

Can you drop one line freestyle using the word red?

“Red made in the bed, yes, I’m a threat.”

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“Just stand by your values and just be a good person because more often than not, your name reaches rooms before you do. Whatever’s associated with your name to be good is something that can be proud of.”

Makeup to you represents?

“Just giving a little bit of life you know. You know guys think that we do makeup for you. We dont do makeup for you, we really do makeup for ourselves and other girls. Im always admiring a girl with makeup. It’s not about you (guys) it’s about self-confidence.”

How do you describe your fashion style?

“My fashion style is ever-evolving. “At first was like I was very funny like I was really like 30 attire you know just the most stock factor. Now I’m more of like classic pieces, things that are just a little more comfortable, but more of like a fashion statement than going oh won’t she looks like on your face look at my booty. I don’t want you to look at my booty, no more.” 

What words of affirmation would you give 18-year-old Nadia?

Word of affirmation is that you are good enough. There isn’t anyone else better than you and you will be leaving the pack soon. Just continue to do what you do and dont let the outside pressures make you feel like you are unworthy.

If you were not a famous rapper what would you be?

“I think I would be working for a cooperate in the marketing department. Like I always say I have a degree in Marketing And Communication. And I worked for an advertising agency for about two years before I started my music career.”

What three words best describe you?

“Stubborn, loving and optimistic.”

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