Nasty C Defends Authenticity Of “Endless” Music Video

Nasty C Defends Authenticity Of “Endless” Music Video. Nasty C is currently making waves in the SA rap scene following the ongoing success of his album “I Love It Here” which was released two weeks ago.

Nasty C Defends Authenticity Of “Endless” Music Video

The expansive 19-track album provides a narrative of Nasty C‘s life, with each song delving into distinct experiences of the acclaimed rapper. However, it’s track 2, titled “Endless,” that has ignited conversations among listeners.

The scenes featured in the “Endless” music video have left fans in utter disbelief, as Nasty C is seen swimming deep beneath the ocean alongside sharks. In a world where technology can turn the impossible into reality, many of the rapper’s followers speculate that he employed Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) to bring that breathtaking underwater sequence to life.

Nonetheless, addressing the speculation on Instagram, Nasty C dismissed the claims and affirmed that every element in the video is genuine. The “Hell Naw” hitmaker even took it a step further by sharing images of himself alongside professional sea divers after the video shoot, providing undeniable evidence that he had truly ventured deep into the ocean waters for the production.

“So apparently a lot of people think this scene from “Endless” was CGI & that I wasn’t really in the ocean WITH SHARKS! I can’t assure you it’s all 1000000% !! Go have a look on YouTube,” Wrote Nasty C.

Although some may raise doubts about the video’s authenticity, Nasty C’s dedication to staying true to his experiences has resonated strongly with fans. They admire his willingness to be open and share his life through his music. The music video has garnered a positive reception, amassing over half a million views just 12 days after its release.

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