A-Reece Slams SA Rappers Who Joined Amapiano In His New Joint “Bruce Wayne”

A-Reece Slams SA Rappers Who Joined Amapiano In His New Joint “Bruce Wayne.” Over the last few years, Amapiano has emerged as the most widely embraced genre, not just within South Africa but across the global music scene.

Consequently, the South African Hip-hop industry has experienced a significant setback, as a large portion of music enthusiasts have shifted their preferences towards the vibrant sounds of the South African Yanos.

A-Reece Slams SA Rappers Who Joined Amapiano In His New Joint “Bruce Wayne”

With that said, it’s important to note that not only did music consumers shift their focus towards Yano’s music, but South African rappers also embraced this sound for various reasons. However, not all rappers abandoned the rap culture for the Yanos; in fact, the majority remained steadfast in their commitment to rap during its challenging times, and a notable example is Pretoria-based rapper A-Reece.

The Paradise hitmaker has consistently remained true to SA Hip-hop, capturing the hearts of numerous enthusiasts of the genre. As it stands, Reece is on the verge of dropping his long-awaited album Paradise 2, a sequel to his album Paradise which he dropped in 2016.

As he intensifies the build-up to the release of his body of work, the award-winning rapper has unveiled the tracklist for the Paradise 2 album. To no surprise, some of his fans have already started to purchase the music on iTunes and the track Bruce Wayne has caught much attention.

Taking from the track, A-Reece took time to address SA rappers who hopped on the Yanos wave and ditched the rap culture. In his verse, Reece emphasized his commitment to the rap culture during challenging times, contrasting it with the actions of some of his peers, whom he accused of switching sides solely for the sake of survival.

“It was all bad, n*gg*s ran Where did I go? Niggas couldn’t rap so they fled to the Yanos (Woah) How the f*ck should I know? I was busy keepin’ it alive out in Lagos N*gg*s switchin’ sides to survive, that’s what I know N*gg*s know the vibe when I rhyme with bravado,” raps A-Reece.

As fans continue to dissect the meaning of A-Reece’s bold statements, it is clear that the debate between preserving traditional hip-hop and embracing new musical directions is far from over. In an ever-evolving music scene, artists will continue to shape the industry in their own unique ways, regardless of the genre they choose to explore.

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