Emtee Records And Amakipkip Join Forces For New Clothing Apparel

Emtee Records And Amakipkip Join Forces For New Clothing Apparel. Emtee Records and Amakipkip have declared a strategic collaboration, igniting enthusiasm within both the music and fashion sectors, as they prepare to introduce a fresh line of stylish apparel.

Emtee Records And Amakipkip Join Forces For New Clothing Apparel

This significant step in Emtee‘s career signifies his entry into the fashion industry, showcasing his distinctive vision and style. Taking to Instagram, the rapper shared a video clip with a caption announcing the partnership of two reputable brands. “Ama Kip Kip & Emtee Records apparel soon come,” wrote Emtee.

Given the absence of a fixed launch date for the collaboration, the forthcoming venture will embody the collective values of Emtee Records and Amakipkip, fusing the spirit of modern African music with avant-garde streetwear fashion.

SA Hiphop enthusiasts and fashion aficionados can anticipate a vibrant blend of vivid hues, daring patterns, and bold designs, drawing inspiration from the pulsating vitality of South African urban culture. Emtee undeniably sets the stage for significant strides this year, with eager anticipation building for the release of his long-anticipated DIY3 album.

Adding to the mix, The Hustler recently orchestrated a triumphant Emtee And Friends concert, alongside the announcement of an upcoming Trap House Party slated for this year. Evidently, Emtee stands at the forefront, tirelessly engaging in various endeavours, showcasing his unrelenting work ethic.

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