Top 3 AKA Albums by Ranking According 400 SA Hip Hop Fans

In the dynamic world of South African hip-hop, AKA, born Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, is undoubtedly one of the most influential and celebrated artists. With a career spanning over a decade, he has consistently delivered chart-topping albums that resonate with fans across the nation. Recently, we conducted a survey on our WhatsApp Channel and asked over 400 SA hip-hop fans to share their opinion, and the results are in – here are the top 3 AKA albums according to the votes cast by his dedicated followers.

  1. “Mass Country” (2023)
 Top 3 AKA Albums by Ranking According 400 SA Hip Hop Fans

Unsurprisingly, AKA’s most recent album, “Mass Country,” takes the top spot in our ranking. Released in February 2023, just before the tragic passing of the iconic rapper, this album has left an indelible mark on the South African hip-hop scene. “Mass Country” includes notable tracks like “Lemons Lemonade” featuring Nasty C, “Prada” with Khuli Chana, and “Company” featuring KDDO. These songs, along with others on the album, not only showcase AKA’s lyrical prowess but also serve as a testament to his ability to collaborate with other hip-hop heavyweights.

The album’s title alone speaks to the legacy AKA left behind, and fans were quick to praise it for its lyrical depth, introspection, and musical innovation. “Mass Country” stands as a fitting swan song to the late legend’s career, and its top ranking is a testament to AKA’s enduring influence in the industry.

  1. “Touch My Blood”
Top 3 AKA Albums by Ranking According 400 SA Hip Hop Fans

Coming in at the second spot in our ranking is the critically acclaimed album “Touch My Blood.” Released in 2018, this project showcases AKA’s versatility as an artist and his ability to experiment with various musical styles. Tracks like “Beyoncé,” “Fela in Versace,” and “Star Signs” featuring Stogie T became instant hits and remain fan favorites to this day. “Touch My Blood” not only solidified AKA’s status as a hip-hop heavyweight but also cemented his place in the global music arena.

Fans cited the album’s lyrical depth, catchy beats, and the seamless blend of different genres as reasons for their affection. “Touch My Blood” continues to be an essential part of AKA’s discography.

  1. “Levels”
Top 3 AKA Albums by Ranking According 400 SA Hip Hop Fans

To wrap up Top 3 AKA Albums by Ranking According to 400 SA Hip Hop Fans, In third place, we find “Levels,” an album that was released in 2014 and played a pivotal role in elevating AKA to superstardom. This project was a turning point in his career, introducing him to a wider audience and solidifying his reputation as a lyrical genius. Songs like “All Eyes on Me,” “Run Jozi,” and “Congratulate” became anthems in South African hip-hop, propelling AKA into the mainstream spotlight.

Fans appreciated the album’s innovative sound and AKA’s storytelling skills, making “Levels” a must-listen for anyone looking to understand the evolution of South African hip-hop.

AKA’s impact on the South African hip-hop scene is immeasurable, and these rankings based on the votes of 400 dedicated fans illustrate just how profound his influence has been. “Mass Country,” “Touch My Blood,” and “Levels” all hold a special place in AKA’s discography and in the hearts of his fans. Each album represents a different chapter in his career, showcasing his growth as an artist and the mark he left on the genre. While AKA is no longer with us, his music lives on, and these albums continue to inspire and entertain listeners across the nation and beyond we hope you enjoyed our Top 3 AKA Albums by Ranking According 400 SA Hip Hop Fans feature!

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