5 SA Rappers Dominating Spotify Playlists

5 SA Rappers Dominating Spotify Playlists. South Africa’s hip-hop scene is hotter than a Durban beachfront in December, and its reigning rappers are setting Spotify playlists ablaze. From conscious lyricism to genre-bending bangers, these artists are proving that SA hip-hop is still very much alive.

5 SA Rappers Dominating Spotify Playlists

Here’s a look at 5 rappers dominating the streaming game:

Nasty C – 1.3 Million Monthly Listeners

First on the list is the charismatic wordsmith, Nasty C. With his infectious flow and undeniable stage presence, Nasty C has captured the hearts of listeners worldwide. His tracks are not just music; they’re anthems for a generation seeking empowerment and self-expression. With over 1 Million monthly listeners, the Hell Naw hitmaker has been a formidable player in SA rap.

Blxckie – 700K Monthly Listeners

Another Durban-native rapper who has made a massive impact on SA Hip Hop is Blxckie, Somnyama. The rapper’s soothing raps have garnered him a massive following as his music has hit the spot on many Hip Hop and R&B fans, not only in South Ah, but across the border. With over half a million monthly Spotify listeners, the Yex4 hitmaker will be aiming to reach the 1 Million mark very soon.

K.O – 540K Monthly Listeners

K.O stands tall as a seasoned pillar in South Africa’s rap scene, his enduring relevance a testament to his mastery of the craft. Amidst the ever-shifting landscape of hip-hop, he has not only weathered change but embraced it, adapting his style to resonate with each new wave. With each release, K.O reaffirms his status as a stalwart of the genre, consistently delivering music that captivates audiences and cements his place in the pantheon of South African rap legends, hence he sits top on the Spotify monthly Listeners chart.

AKA- 521K Monthly Listeners

With a staggering 521,000 monthly listeners, AKA commands a significant presence on streaming platforms. His music will live on and continue to resonate with a diverse audience, blending catchy beats with introspective lyrics that reflect his personal journey and societal observations.

Cassper Nyovest – 379K Monthly Listeners

Cassper Nyovest is a powerhouse in the South African music industry and boasts an impressive monthly listenership of 379,000 on streaming platforms. With his distinctive blend of lyricism, charisma, and entrepreneurial spirit, Nyovest has carved out a prominent place for himself in the global hip-hop scene. From his early breakout hits to his sold-out stadium performances, he continues to captivate audiences with his infectious energy and authentic storytelling.

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