5 Most Lyrical New Wave SA Rappers In 2024

5 Most Lyrical New Wave SA Rappers In 2024. South Africa’s hip-hop scene has always been a melting pot of unique sounds, rich storytelling, and cultural pride. As we move further into 2024, a fresh wave of lyrical talent still stamping their presence, redefining the genre and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

5 Most Lyrical New Wave SA Rappers In 2024

Here, we spotlight five of the most captivating new wave SA rappers who are not just making waves but also dropping bars that resonate deeply with fans.


Usimamane has made an explosive entrance into the South African rap scene, capturing the spotlight with his distinctive style, which he aptly describes as “fate music.” His impact has been monumental, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. His hit song “Cheque” has been on most of the SA Hip Hop fans’ playlists, as he ushered a new wave in the game.

Tony Dayimane

Tony Dayimane’s impressive ability to deliver bars in the vernacular has placed him on the radar as one of South Africa’s standout rappers. His lyrical prowess is part of a new wave reshaping the rap scene with fresh, dynamic talent.


Jozi cannot be a city of gold without gems like Scumie, and the famed trap star has been killing it ever since her breakthrough. Scumie has ushered a lyrical wave that soothes the clubs’ mood and street anthems and she has maintained that level of consistency when it comes to her rap style. Songs like “Quick Fix,” “Cat Mom” and “Draco” have proven to be songs that propelled her in the food chain of SA Hip Hop.


Sauwcy emerges as a meteoric force within the pulsating heartbeat of the Hip Hop realm. With an electrifying fusion of Contemporary Hip Hop elements, she effortlessly ascends to the zenith of the music industry’s echelons showcasing her Indian roots. This year Sauwcy dropped “Bangladesh” and “Honey” as she showcases her lyrical and rap prowess carving a niche in the new wave of SA Hip Hop.


The Qwellers have truly captured the pulsating essence needed to thrive in South Africa’s bustling Hip Hop scene. Their music pulsates with an electrifying energy, perfectly attuned to the beat of the younger generation’s hearts. Their rap prowess has earned them nods of approval from seasoned veterans like Sjava and Zingah, solidifying their place as torchbearers of the genre. With each verse and every swagger-filled step, they epitomize the very soul of SA Hip Hop

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