10 African Rappers You Should Listen To In 2024

African hip-hop has been steadily gaining international recognition, with talented artists from the continent making waves with their unique styles, poignant lyrics, and infectious beats. As we step into 2024, the African rap scene continues to evolve, introducing fresh voices and perspectives. Here are 10 African Rappers You Should Listen To In 2024

10 African Rappers You Should Listen To In 2024
10 African Rappers You Should Listen To In 2024

Bomb$hell Grenade – Zambia

Bomb$hell Grenade brings a fierce and unapologetic energy to Zambian hip-hop. Her bold lyrics and commanding stage presence make her a standout artist, breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes in the male-dominated rap industry.

Bling 4 – Zimbabwe

Bling 4 is a Zimbabwean rapper known for his electrifying stage presence and powerful verses. His music delves into personal experiences and societal observations, making him a compelling artist to watch in 2024.

Jae Cash – Zambia

Zambia’s rap scene has found a gem in Jae Cash. Known for his smooth delivery and engaging storytelling, Jae Cash is poised to be a major player in African hip-hop. His ability to navigate diverse beats and themes sets him apart in the Zambian music landscape.

M.O.D – Botswana:

Representing Botswana, M.O.D (Man of Devotion) infuses his music with a sense of purpose and authenticity. His socially conscious lyrics and smooth delivery make him a compelling artist, shedding light on issues relevant to his homeland.

Maglera – South Africa

Hailing from the vibrant hip-hop scene of South Africa, Maglera brings a distinctive blend of lyricism and streetwise storytelling to the table. Known for his dynamic flow and introspective lyrics, Maglera is a force to be reckoned with, representing the diversity of South African hip-hop.

Dee Koala – South Africa

Dee Koala, a rising star from South Africa, brings a refreshing energy to the rap game. With a versatile style that effortlessly blends elements of hip-hop, trap, and gqom, she captivates audiences with her unapologetic lyricism and charismatic stage presence.

Holy 10Zimbabwe

Holy 10, representing Zimbabwe, is making waves with his sharp lyricism and socially conscious themes. His music reflects a keen awareness of the issues facing his homeland, making him a voice for change within the Zimbabwean rap scene.

Ace Jizzy & Bee Jay – Malawi:

Malawi’s rap scene is gaining prominence, and Ace Jizzy & Bee Jay are at the forefront of this movement. Collaborating seamlessly, the duo brings a fresh perspective to the Malawian hip-hop landscape with their energetic performances and catchy tunes.

Voltz JT- Zimbabwe

Another Zimbabwean artist on our radar is Voltz JT. Known for his distinctive voice and charismatic delivery, Voltz JT brings a unique flavor to the rap game. His thought-provoking lyrics and catchy beats make him a standout artist in Zimbabwe’s burgeoning hip-hop community.

Henry Czar – Malawi:

Henry Czar is making a name for himself in the Malawian rap scene with his clever wordplay and infectious beats. His music reflects a fusion of traditional Malawian sounds with modern hip-hop elements, creating a unique and captivating sound.

In 2024, the African rap scene is set to continue its global ascent, with these talented artists leading the way. From the streets of South Africa to the heart of Botswana, each rapper brings a unique perspective, contributing to the rich tapestry of African hip-hop. Keep an eye on these 10 artists as they redefine the narrative and push the boundaries of the genre in the coming year.

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