Big Zulu Opens Up On How He Would Love To Be Remembered As

Big Zulu Opens Up On How He Would Love To Be Remembered As. Amidst the allure and extravagance that accompany a career in the music industry, many artists often overlook the importance of giving back to their community. However, Big Zulu stands out as an exception to this trend.

Big Zulu Opens Up On How He Would Love To Be Remembered As

The renowned rapper emphasized that he didn’t establish Inkabi Records solely for personal financial gain. Instead, his mission is to transform the lives of both the families connected to the label and the artists themselves.

Speaking during an interview on BET: Behind The Story, Big Zulu said that he would love to be remembered as someone who contributed to the community in so many ways. The rapper added that people should be inspired by his work and follow in his footsteps to keep helping and uplifting one another in their communities.

“A person is remembered by the things they used to do, playing a part in the community. So I wish that to the people I was in front of and I became a blessing to them, I wish that in all I did they must never stop, they must continue lending a helping hand because Big Zulu was also big on lending a helping hand. Anyone can aspire and they can continue lending a helping hand,” Big Zulu said.

“So my wish all the time even when we do things, I sometimes wish… In what I do more people can lend a helping hand in any way they wish to. When we are united we are able to help more people, we can be able to open more doors,” Big Zulu added.

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