Capricorn FM Criticized For Mocking Nasty C’s Special Toe

Capricorn FM Criticized For Mocking Nasty C’s Special Toe. Limpopo Province radio station Capricorn FM has come under fire from Nasty C’s fans for a recent social media music trivial that many believe went too far.

Capricorn FM Criticized For Mocking Nasty C’s Special Toe

The controversy erupted when the radio station made a jest about Nasty C’s distinctive toe, drawing widespread criticism and sparking a social media backlash. Taking to Twitter (X), Capricorn FM shared a photo of Nasty C‘s unique toe and posed a question, asking about the identity of another hip-hop artist known for having an abnormal toe.

#MusicTrivia | Which South African Hip Hop artist is well known for having an abnormally big toe? #CapricornParty,” reads the post.

The post did not sit well with most fans with some accusing the radio station of seeking relevance for trolling Nasty C.

Nasty C disclosed his big toe to the public several years ago, admitting that it had always been something he felt uneasy about and had kept it a secret. “This is something that I’ve been hiding from pretty much everybody, it’s something I had to grow up with. Part of the reason I hid it from everyone is because I wanted to leave that part of my life in the past,” he said.

“I didn’t even tell my friends about this [until] about a month ago. My girl’s only seen it for like a year now. I just didn’t wanna deal with people giving me their opinions about it, people taking about it, staring, teasing, whatever, but now I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t give a f**k about none of that stuff,” he added.

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