Lynn Forbes Celebrates AKA’s Glorious SAMA Win

Lynn Forbes Celebrates AKA’s Glorious SAMA Win. The spotlight shone brightly on the South African Music Awards (SAMAs), celebrating the nation’s musical prowess.

Lynn Forbes Celebrates AKA’s Glorious SAMA Win

Among the winners, the celebrated rapper AKA emerged victorious, and the joy of his triumph extended beyond the stage to his proud mother, Lynn Forbes. Taking to Instagram, the late rapper’s mother took time to celebrate her son’s SAMA legacy as she acknowledged the previous SAMA Awards the late rapper has won.

“Longevity 🙌🏽 South African Music Awards (SAMA) 2023 – Male Artist of the Year, AKA for Mass Country 2015 – Male Artist of the Year AKA for Levels, 2012 – Male Artist of the Year AKA for Altar Ego,” wrote Lynn Forbes.

Even though Kiernan is not around to witness his grandeur, his achievements have not only been a source of pride for himself but also for his dedicated support system, with his mother Lynn Forbes being a prominent figure in his life.

Lynn Forbes, together with AKA’s father, Tony Forbes, accepted their son’s SAMA award on his behalf. Joining them were Supa Mega’s Brand Manager, Zazyboy, and Raphael Benza, AKA’s business partner. Following the ceremony, Zazyboy took to his Instagram and paid tribute to AKA whom he has worked in the industry for a considerable time.

Zazyboy conveyed appreciation to all who contributed to elevating Kiernan’s Forbes career, establishing him as one of the premier African rap artists, with a reputation that extends globally.

“Thank you to the Mega Band, collaborators, producers, songwriters, engineers, and the creatives who made this album and all his albums timeless masterpieces/classics.

“To the legal team, brand managers, booking agents, compilers, DJs, promoters and all the relevant business associates we appreciate the contribution and role played in building a remarkable brand.

“To the SAMAs, the record labels and other award ceremony platforms that continue to celebrate and honor our icons we thank you.

“To the MEGACY, you have no idea what you meant to Kiernan, thank you for your unwavering love loyalty and support  you guys are the best!!!!” Zazyboy said.

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