MashBeatz Marks One Year Anniversary Of “This Is Religion” Album

MashBeatz Marks One Year Anniversary Of “This Is Religion” Album. MasBeatz has consistently proven to be an outstanding contributor to the South African hip-hop scene, producing chart-topping songs and collaborating with up-and-coming rappers.

MashBeatz Marks One Year Anniversary Of “This Is Religion” Album

By assembling a lineup of highly acclaimed South African rappers for his album “This Is Religion,” MashBeatz undeniably delivered a strong and compelling body of work. Taking to Instagram, the Never Ride hitmaker took time to celebrate the album’s one-year anniversary, expressing gratitude to everyone who supported the music. “THIS IS RELIGION DROPPED A YEAR AGO TODAY. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT,” wrote MashBeatz.

Mashbeatz paid tribute to his late dad’s birthday on November 25th by unveiling his eagerly awaited album, “This Is Religion.” Within hours of its release, the album garnered over 1 million streams, showcasing the hunger and enthusiasm of his dedicated fans who eagerly consumed the music.

Since its debut, “This Is Religion” has not only mesmerized Hip Hop enthusiasts but has also showcased MashBeatz’s ability to create a body of work that extends beyond the boundaries of the Hip Hop genre, appealing to R&B aficionados as well.

The 15-track body of work enlisted the top-rated in the game with the likes of Maglera Doe Boy, Muzi, Wordz, K. Keed, Flow Jones, Teerage, Black Myth, Thato Saul and Yumbs. The artists on the project have been making waves in the game and their energy has catapulted This Is Legion to become an anthem project with songs like Never Ride becoming a hit.

Following the fruition of his efforts with the project, MashBeatz clinched the Best Hip Hop Album award for “This Is Religion” at the recently concluded SAMA Awards.

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