Makwa Opens Up On Signing New Artists & Why He’s Single

Makwa Opens Up On Signing New Artists & Why He’s Single. It’s not always necessary to have a crowd orchestrating the dynamics of your life. There are occasions when solitude becomes essential, enabling you to chart your course without external disruptions.

Makwa Opens Up On Signing New Artists & Why He’s Single

Makwa is among those individuals who have chosen this path, embarking on a journey to reconstruct both his brand and personal life on a broader scale. Taking to Facebook, the famed producer opened up about losing everything in his life and how he managed to pick himself up and rebuild.

As he endeavours to rebuild, the celebrated Hip-hop producer clarified that he is refraining from signing any artists or engaging in romantic relationships. Makwa‘s decision stems from his ongoing commitment to self-improvement and personal development as he urged his followers to learn from him.

“Don’t be like me, learn from me. Me I lost everything dawg I’m only rebuilding NOW. that’s why I’m not signing artists, that’s why I’m also still single. Because I’m working on me.” Makwa said.

Having stated that Makwa has previously conveyed the challenges of being an independent artist. However, he also expressed that despite the difficulties, he relishes every moment of the journey. “Being independent is extremely hard but I’m enjoying every minute of it,” he wrote.

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