AKA’s ‘Mass Country’ Album Surpasses 99 Million Streams 1 Year After Release

AKA’s ‘Mass Country’ Album Surpasses 99 Million Streams 1 Year After Release. One year ago, on February 24, 2023, AKA‘s dedicated fanbase, the Megacy, and the entire South African Hip Hop scene witnessed the release of the late rapper’s final album, “Mass Country.”

AKA’s ‘Mass Country’ Album Surpasses 99 Million Streams 1 Year After Release

AKA himself described his posthumous body of work as a project dedicated to the “masses of the country,” a clear tribute to the people of his beloved South Africa. The late rapper’s fans experienced a mix of emotions upon hearing the album’s opening track, “Last Time.”

While the song expertly captures the essence of Maskhandi music, its lyrics left some listeners feeling a sense of melancholy, interpreting them as a potential farewell from the artist. With its mix of different styles, AKA managed to find the right features for his 14-track body of work with the likes of Nadia Nakia, Blackie, Nasty C, Khuli Chana, Thato Saul, Yanga Chief, and Emtee complimenting the rapper’s masterpiece.

Following its release, the album has continuously ascended the charts, securing a prominent position across music streaming platforms. An Instagram post revealed that the album has garnered an impressive 99 million streams, accompanied by a heartfelt message expressing gratitude to everyone who has supported the album throughout the year.

“Mega numbers for the Megacy! ✊🏽Thank you to the Megacy for getting Mass Country this far one year later. The album has achieved over 99million streams. Megacy over everything, take a bow! Ⓜ️
Thank you to everyone involved in the project from producers to featured artists.
read the post.

Lemons (Lemonade)’, featuring Nasty C, dominated the streaming charts for Mass Country. This lead single racked up a staggering 35 million streams! ‘Company’, featuring Kiddo, also saw impressive success with over 19 million streams.

Although AKA is no longer with us to witness his greatness, the iconic rapper’s legacy will always be honoured and safeguarded by all those who championed him throughout his music journey, particularly the Megacy.

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