Boity Hints At Music Collaboration With US Rapper Hit-Boy

Boity Hints At Music Collaboration With US Rapper Hit-Boy. Boity isn’t just adjusting her musical approach to appeal to her existing audience; instead, the renowned rapper and media personality is focused on expanding her reach to a global scale.

Boity Hints At Music Collaboration With US Rapper Hit-Boy

After attending the recent Grammy Awards held at the Arena in Los Angeles, Boity didn’t simply enjoy herself mingling with renowned artists on the red carpet; instead, she actively fostered connections to further her music career.

Evident with her recent Instagram post, the rapper shared exciting images and video clips whilst in the studio with the famed US rapper and producer Chauncey Alexander Hollis Jr, known professionally as Hit-Boy. In the caption of the images, Boity wrote “Cookin… @hitboy,” a hint that there is a possible music collaboration coming from the two famed rappers.

Boity has long promised to start working on releasing new music and seeing her making moves like these indicates massive progress for the rapper and SA Hip Hop at large. It’s been close to a year now since she promised to drop something solid for her fans. Last year, she was part of the conversation after she dropped music renditions for AKA’s “Mbuzi Freestyle” and K.O’s “Rockabye.”

The recent freestyle unmistakably demonstrated that the “Wuz Dat” hitmaker still possesses the skill to deliver impressive bars in her music. It’s only a matter of time before we witness her distinctive delivery in her upcoming tracks, which is anticipated to be soon.

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