Emtee Keeps Beef Alive With Big Zulu, Mocks Him Yet Again

Emtee Keeps Beef Alive With Big Zulu, Mocks Him Yet Again. Once more, the South African hip-hop scene finds itself embroiled in tensions as Emtee, the provocative rapper, has sparked anew his conflict with fellow artist Big Zulu.

Emtee Keeps Beef Alive With Big Zulu, Mocks Him Yet Again

The enduring feud characterized by verbal barbs and social media skirmishes, has reignited the interest of fans. Taking to Twitter (X), Emtee posted a photo featuring Sjava and Big Zulu during their hometown visit, where they generously gave back to the community. “Always good to See my brother do big things,” Emtee captioned the picture referring to Sjava.

The Hustler’s post prompted one of his followers who remark that Big Zulu is getting fame using Sjava under their Inkabi Zezwe duo. “Ayy mara that other nigga is getting fame using sniper,” read the comment. In response, Emtee utilised the chance to mock Big Zulu whom he referred to as Sjava’s bodyguard. “Who’s he? Sjavas bodyguard or what?” Emtee said throwing shade at Big Zulu.

Since the release of Big Zulu’s 150 Bars diss track, targeting several prominent SA rappers including Emtee, the Roll Up hitmaker has harboured an enduring resentment towards the Inkabi Records boss. Emtee made it clear that his beef with Big Zulu is far from over and taking from his recent remarks the Hustler is not letting go of the beef anytime soon.

“There was never no beef, I had no beef with Big Zulu,” Emtee said. “He just woke up and said let’s just say let me diss this n**g which is me. Or he thought to himself what can I say to captivate people, so he took that big risk and dissed me unprovoked, so it’s up and it’s still.”

 “I was involved in five car accidents, that’s why I ain’t got the Merc no more. So a n**g wanna diss me about that sh*t, I tell you it’s personal. I could’ve died in one of them accidents, and n**g is talking about my garage is empty.” Emtee added.

The Big Hustle has been relentless in mocking both Big Zulu’s music and fashion choices, sparing no opportunity to troll him at every turn.

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