Nadia Nakai Remembers AKA 1 Year After His Tragic Passing

Nadia Nakai Remembers AKA 1 Year After His Tragic Passing. It has been one year since the South African music industry was rocked by the sudden and tragic death of rapper Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. AKA was murdered outside the Wish Restaurant in Durban last year on the 10th of February along with his longtime friend Tibz.

Nadia Nakai Remembers AKA 1 Year After His Tragic Passing

In a heartfelt homage to the departed South African rapper, Nadia Nakai who was a girlfriend and fellow rapper to AKA, took to Instagram to reminisce about the cherished moments she shared with the Supa Mega. With profound emotion, she conveyed her deep sense of loss, expressing how dearly her lover is missed.

“It’s been a Year, feels like yesterday. I wish you never left. I miss you sooooooo much! You just talking, you’re laugh even more. You were full of life! This is unfair. 💔 Please visit me in my dreams more. Love you forever, Live long.” Nadia Nakai wrote.

Bragga is currently working towards a sentimental album that is dedicated to AKA as she aims to express her feelings through music. Recently, Nadia also paid her tribute to the Supa Mega on his heavenly birthday as he would’ve been 36 years old on January 28.

“Happy Heavenly Birthday @akaworldwide we all miss you so much! ️ Got 36 balloons to send to you, and in true Kairo fashion they had to be biodegradable to not harm the environment… Today is painful.” Wrote Nadia Nakai.

As the SA Hip Hop music community pauses to honour AKA and the lasting impact he made on the rap game, Nadia Nakai’s heartfelt homage stands as a testament to the timeless influence of his legacy. Despite his physical absence, his music and essence persist in touching the hearts of the extended Megacy fanbase, guaranteeing that his legacy will endure for generations to come.

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