Shane Eagle Celebrates Hitting 2 Million Streams With “AKiRA Album

Shane Eagle Celebrates Hitting 2 Million Streams With “Akira” Album. More than just beats and rhymes, Shane Eagle’s “AKiRA” is a soulful tapestry woven with threads of motivation, inspiration, and introspective reflection, inviting listeners to embark on a personal journey.

Shane Eagle Celebrates Hitting 2 Million Streams With “AKiRA Album

Shane Eagle‘s artistry shines on “AKiRA.” His lyrical prowess, combined with electrifying beats, and inventive flows, created an immersive experience for listeners. This potent combination has propelled the 14-track album to significant streaming success, while simultaneously transporting audiences to a world of nostalgia and prompting deep reflection.

Shane Eagle‘s album was released in November 2023 and reached a major milestone in three months. In a post on Instagram, Shane Eagle couldn’t hide his excitement as he revealed that the album has surpassed 1 million streams each on both Spotify and Apple Music. “Thank you!!! a million on Spotify & 1 million streams on Apple 2M.” He wrote.

In the spirit of celebration, Shane Eagle expressed his excitement following the adjustment of his album cover art. “I’m also happy the AKiRA official album cover has been updated to the original AKiRA LP cover. The album sounds 10x better to me this way,” he added.

Shane Eagle’s path in the music industry has been paved with both perseverance and artistic integrity. From his early forays into the scene to his current achievements, he has consistently stayed true to his vision, carving his path instead of succumbing to industry pressures. Lately, the rapper released the MUTANT music video, which has already gained a respectable number of streams, with ambitions set on achieving an even greater reach.

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