Slikour & Wife Set The Record Straight On Marital Status

Slikour & Wife Set The Record Straight On Marital Status. SA Hip Hop veteran and media personality Siya Metane popularly known as Slikour has been caught up in a whirlwind of rumours following reports that his marriage with his wife Melissa Wilkinson is in jeopardy.

Slikour & Wife Set The Record Straight On Marital Status

According to reports from SundayWorld, there are claims that Slikour was recently separated from his wife amid accusations of infidelity and emotional mistreatment. Allegedly, the renowned rapper’s wife expressed her grievances, citing that Slikour devoted much of his time to his career, neglecting his marital responsibilities.

In light of the allegations, Slikour and Melissa Wilkinson issued a joint statement to address the rumours surrounding their marriage. The couple acknowledged that navigating challenges is a part of every marriage and affirmed their dedication to working through the issues affecting their relationship privately.

“We would like to let our family, friends and business associates know that we are aware of the current allegations made regarding the status of our marriage.” Read the statement.

“We have been married for 5 years, and as with every marriage, we have our own trials and tribulations to face and overcome. While we acknowledge these challenges, we also would like the opportunity to work through them privately. As parents, we are both very committed to building a happy and healthy home not only for ourselves but most importantly our children.

“We request that our marriage and family be treated with respect and sensitivity, allowing us our right to privacy, Siya and Melissa said in a joint statement.”

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