A-Reece Marks 10 Years Of His Track “Cassper’s Picture”

A-Reece Marks 10 Years Of His Track “Cassper’s Picture.” Many of South Africa’s current popular rappers emerged from humble beginnings, ascending to fame through their unwavering dedication and relentless effort.

A-Reece Marks 10 Years Of His Track “Cassper’s Picture”

A-Reece is one of them who has navigated various phases in his rap journey, but his pivotal visit to PH Raw Studios marked a significant turning point in his hip-hop career. Taking to Instagram, the Paradise hitmaker took a moment to reflect and celebrate the release of his joint Cassper’s Picture where he shot the video at the famous PH Raw Studios.

“10 years ago this record dropped and my entire life changed,” wrote A-Reece. The rapper also appreciated everyone who contributed to the ascend of his music career mostly Mr Nakedi who took him to PH Raw Studios.

“PH Raw X & Shawane behind the light and camera work. Niggas were so brave going ahead with this. Mr Nakedi wherever you are in the world… Just know I’m super appreciative of you introducing me to these gentlemen and bringing me to the studio,” A-Reece added.

In the track “Cassper’s Picture,” A-Reece expressed deep admiration for Cassper Nyovest, passionately reflecting on his shared journey to success. Despite purported conflicts between them, A-Reece openly acknowledged being inspired by Cassper’s achievements in South African hip-hop.

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