K.O Explains Why He’s Not Following AKA Murder Probe

K.O Explains Why He’s Not Following AKA Murder Probe. The trial for the murder case involving AKA and his friend Tibz began yesterday at the Durban Magistrate’s Court, where five suspects were presented in the dock after being apprehended by the SAPS task force.

K.O Explains Why He’s Not Following AKA Murder Probe

South Africans and AKA‘s supporters were eagerly anticipating the appearance of those responsible for the tragic loss of the legendary rapper and Tibz. The majority closely followed the court proceedings that unfolded yesterday.

However, that has not been the case for K.O who worked with the slain rapper AKA for a long period in SA Hip Hop. During an interview on NewzRoom Afrika, the SkhandaWorld boss expressed that he hasn’t been keeping up with the court proceedings or any news related to AKA’s murder. He explained that the situation still deeply affects him as he feels a strong connection with the Supa Mega.

“I dont even follow, my mom sent me a text on Tuesday the day of the arrest of the alleged suspects. She sent me a text, I think it was like around 11 in the evening. I didn’t even look into it, the reason why is because, to me, I still have…The last time I saw this man was actually when we recorded the song that I’m talking about. I can still feel that man,” K.O said.

“Before he left, he came out of the recording booth after recording his part and he was so excited. I still feel the warm embrace that he gave me just on some bro thank you for making me a part of this song. Im not even considering the last hug he gave me when he was driving off, the one that I remember the most is the excitement coming out of the booth.

“Also just because he is a friend of mine, I haven’t even listened to his music because there’s so much that has triggered me, the loss itself, my brother was his Road Manager. It’s a tough one, and I hope the truth at the end of the day comes out and the family can get some closure,” K.O added.

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