Priddy Ugly Announces His Return To Studio Following Hiatus

Priddy Ugly Announces His Return To Studio Following Hiatus. The passion for creating music is etched deep within Priddy Ugly‘s heart and soul, and once again, the rapper is preparing for his return to grace his fans and contribute to the culture through his music.

Priddy Ugly Announces His Return To Studio Following Hiatus

Making a splash on Instagram, the renowned rapper revealed his triumphant return to the studio, ready to weave his magic into new musical creations. Despite his resurgence, the award-winning artist made it crystal clear: he’s flying solo for now, eschewing collaborations with fellow musicians.

“Ek’se, so I’m back in the studio again after a very long hiatus, before I get any further, majita please, I say this respectfully, I ask sincerely, please spare me with a feature request,” he said. “With that being said I actually gotta go tap in with Herc The Lights, but before go there I just wanna record something.”

While the Ntja’ka hitmaker prepares to step back into the studio, he emphasizes that he’s still honing his confidence. “Im still trying to figure it out, I’m still trying like to redevelop my studio confidence and get my energy back but tap in with me as I record this verse. I’ve recorded the half of it already, you can hear the second half of it,” he said as he shared the video of his verse.

After dropping the DUST album, Priddy Ugly shocked fans by declaring it his final project after a solid 15-year run in the industry. However, he emphatically stated that his love for music would never wane, promising to continue creating for his fans. “I don’t think I will ever stop making music,” he said during an interview with he told presenter Palesa Tau on SABC.

“People don’t understand how much it takes to work on an album, you can look at artists like Riky Rick had one album he dropped singles, it takes so much.”

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