5 SA Rappers Who Are Also Skilled Producers

5 SA Rappers Who Are Also Skilled Producers. A limited set of rappers stands out in South Africa’s flourishing music landscape due to their dual abilities as rappers and producers.

5 SA Rappers Who Are Also Skilled Producers

These multi-talented maestros have perfected the art of making rhythms that not only set the scene for their lyrical abilities but also enhance the genre in general. Here, we look at five South African rappers whose production abilities are as crisp as their lyrics.


Tweezy is not your typical beatmaker; he is a trap architect. This South African producer has perfected the art of creating dark, throbbing soundscapes that captivate artists and listeners alike. The famed producer has woven musical tales for artists like as AKA, Riky Rick, and Nasty C. His creations are more than simply backgrounds; they are personalities in their own right, propelling a song’s vitality to new heights.

Gemini Major

When it comes to versatile talents in South African Hip Hop, Gemini Major stands out as a multifaceted artist whose skills span across various realms of music creation. Not only does he rap with an engaging flow and a distinct voice, but he also sings, adding a melodic dimension to his tracks that sets him apart.

Moreover, Gemini Major is a top-notch producer, crafting beats that are as dynamic as they are infectious. His production skills have not only propelled his own career but have also significantly contributed to the success of many other artists in the industry.

Originally from Malawi, he moved to South Africa and quickly made a name for himself. His unique sound, which blends elements of Hip Hop with Afrobeat and Dancehall, resonates with a wide audience and showcases his ability to transcend genres.

His collaborations read like a who’s who of the South African music scene, featuring big names like Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C, and AKA, to name a few. Each partnership highlights his versatility and ability to adapt his style to complement different artists.

Zoocci Coke Dope

Zoocci Coke Dope isn’t just a producer, he’s a sonic sculptor. He burst onto the scene with “Morning Star,” a mixtape brimming with anthems so catchy they felt genetically engineered. But Zoocci’s a chameleon. On “Die Dope,” he crafted braggadocious boasts on adventurous beats, showcasing his growth as a songwriter.

Then came “Anxiety,” a project that mirrored the title’s feeling with distorted soundscapes, a testament to his ability to tailor the mood with production mastery. There’s no doubt that Zoocci is the “dealer” and he’s a producer with a rapper’s soul.

Nasty C

Durban’s golden boy, Nasty C, has established himself as a heavyweight in the South African hip-hop scene. While his lyrical prowess is widely celebrated, his production skills often fly under the radar. Tracks like “Hell Naw,” “Squad Goals,” “A Star Is Born,” and “Phases” are among the tracks he has produced. The famed rapper also produced “Way It Goes” by DJ Switch which he featured along with Stogie T and Youngsta CPT.


Anatii is a household name in the South African music industry, known for his silky-smooth vocals and hard-hitting rap verses. Beyond the mic, Anatii is a genius in the studio. His production work on hits like “Ghetto” and “The Saga” highlights his knack for creating catchy hooks and complex, bass-heavy beats. He also contributed to the production of the joint album of him and Be Careful What You Wish For.

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