J Smash Addresses Identity Theft & Scamming Activities Under His Name

J Smash Addresses Identity Theft & Scamming Activities Under His Name. J Smash has stepped up to confront a harrowing experience of identity theft, which has sadly led to numerous individuals losing their hard-earned money due to scammers exploiting the rapper’s name.

J Smash Addresses Identity Theft & Scamming Activities Under His Name

Taking to social media, the Limpopo-born rapper released a statement to clarify that he is in no way involved in the thefts being carried out under his name. “J Smash is addressing an incident involving identity theft and scamming activities perpetrated under his name. It has come to our attention that individuals have been using his name to deceive innocent people, resulting in financial loss and distress,” read the statement.

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The statement further conveyed that these actions have unfairly implicated the renowned rapper in matters he is not involved in. “The fraudulent activities have prompted numerous individuals to reach out to J Smash, seeking refunds for transactions he had no knowledge of. We want to assure the public that J Smash is not involved in any such activities and we are deeply concerned about the welfare of those affected.”

J Smash and his team have explicitly stated their collaboration with law enforcement authorities to investigate the issue and resolve it promptly. “In response to this unfortunate situation, we are taking action by involving law enforcement authorities to investigate and resolve the matter swiftly. We urge anyone who has been approached or transacted with individuals claiming to be associated with them to verify the legitimacy of the contact details provided.

“For authentic booking and enquiries, our official point of contact is: [email protected] or 0762761135. Any other contact information should be treated with suspicion.”

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