Stogie T’s “Shallow EP” Transcends Depths With Opulent Production

Stogie T’s “Shallow EP” Transcends Depths With Opulent Production. South African hip-hop heavyweight Stogie T has returned from the shadows, not with a splash, but with a contemplative plunge into the depths of the human condition with his aptly titled “Shallow EP.”

Stogie T’s “Shallow EP” Transcends Depths With Opulent Production

Released on May 24th, 2024, the project defies its name, offering a rich tapestry of sounds that beautifully complements Stogie T’s introspective lyricism. This isn’t your average melancholic offering. While the EP tackles themes of societal disillusionment and the lingering anxieties of a post-pandemic world, as Stogie T describes it, “Shallow” transcends a mere downward spiral.

Producer Shane Cooper masterfully crafts an undeniably opulent and hauntingly beautiful soundscape. Think shimmering keys cascading over a bed of pulsating bass, all punctuated by Stogie T‘s signature razor-sharp wordplay.

The featured artists deserve a standing ovation as well. From the soulful vocals of Brittney Crush on “80’s Love” to the legendary spoken-word intensity of Saul Williams on “Biko’s Ghost,” each collaboration adds a unique layer to the overall emotional patchwork.

“Shallow” isn’t afraid to confront the darkness, but it also offers glimpses of light. Tracks like “Zimkile” featuring Msaki showcase a sliver of hope and resilience, a testament to the enduring spirit of the continent Stogie T calls home.

This is an EP that demands to be experienced, not just listened to. It’s a journey into the complexities of the human experience, one that stays with you long after the final track fades. So, put on your headphones, sink into your favourite chair, and prepare to be swept away by the introspective brilliance of Stogie T‘s “Shallow EP.” The project is available on all streaming platforms right now.

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