Emtee Provides Latest Update On Joint Project With J Molley

Emtee Provides Latest Update On Joint Project With J Molley. Emtee and J Molley’s joint project is coming along perfectly well with the two famed rappers working around the clock to live up to their promise.

Emtee Provides Latest Update On Joint Project With J Molley

Taking to X, Emtee enthusiastically detailed the strides they’ve made in crafting their collaborative EP, revealing that he and J Molley are already halfway through the process. Their dedication and progress signify a promising venture ahead. “We half way to finishing the EP with me n @Jmolleyofficial,” Emtee said.

While the renowned Roll Up hitmaker, Emtee, immerses himself tirelessly in the creation of his joint project with J Molley, there remains a pressing issue yet to be resolved. Despite his dedication, a lingering elephant in the room persists. Many of Emtee’s devoted fans have been vocal, expressing their frustration over the prolonged delay of the DIY3 album’s release.

Drawing from the collective response of fans to Emtee’s recent update regarding his collaboration with J Molley on the EP, it’s evident that a lingering frustration persists among his loyal followers. While Emtee has been transparent about the progress of the joint EP, the same level of clarity has not been extended to the eagerly awaited DIY3 album. This lack of information regarding the album’s development has left fans eagerly anticipating updates and yearning for a glimpse into its creation process.

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